Are ACE Weight Loss Pills for You? Review…

Many of us are always looking for new ways to shed those extra pounds that don’t seem to go away regardless of what we do. Today, there is a lot of fuss going on about Appetite Control and Energy (A.C.E) diet pills that promise to do the trick for us. But how reliable are the ACE weight loss pills? Do they really have the potential to reduce our total body fat? Are they the answer to our weight loss problem? People all over the internet and even in the news are talking about ACE diet pills. Some say the results are just incredible while others claim that the ACE weight loss pills are just another marketing move.

What are ACE Weight Loss Pills?

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Appetite Control Energy

In short, ACE weight loss pills are said to be a dietary enhancement made of natural and/or organic ingredients. Its company claims that these pills control your appetite while maintaining your energy at optimal levels to help you achieve your targeted weight.

Some of the organic products contained in the ACE diet tablets are “caffeine and dark cocoa powder as well as green tea extract and Vitamin B” as main listed ingredients.But now, let’s look at other components of the ACE pills.

Chromium (Polynicotinate) is a supplement much easier to absorb by the body. This supplement consists of niacin-bound chromium which is a component of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF helps our body to regulate blood sugar concentrations by improving insulin use1. Chromium is also involved in metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As you can see chromium is necessary for our health when consumed in small quantities.Natural sources of Chromium are bananas, apples garlic, broccoli, and green beans among others.

According to several sources chromium is safe for consumption by adults. But a few side effects consist of dizziness, skin irritation, and nausea and mood changes. This is probably why some people who have tried these diet pills usually claim such side effects. Despite these side effects however, chromium polynicotinate seems to be widely accepted and consumed as a supplement.

Please notice that there is not sufficient evidence relating the use of this ACE component alone with weight loss.

Vanadium is another ACE weight loss pills ingredient. Vanadium is another trace mineral found in many foods. Scientists think vanadium might be involved in normal bone growth, but there seem to be not too many studies done to prove this2. Vanadyl sulfate is the form of vanadium widely found in supplements. Vanadium’s side effects might include nausea, diarrhea and stomach ache and loss of energy. Also, vanadium is said to be unsafe if taken in large amounts.
Some natural sources of vanadium are black pepper, mushroom, parsley and grain products.

Magnesium Stearate is white in color and solid at room temperature. It is used in the manufacturing of capsules and tablets. Magnesium Stearate (MS) is mostly utilized as a lubricant to ensure that the equipment that processes the pills’ coating work at maximum speeds3. Some people claim that this coating takes too long to be dissolved and to be absorbed by our bodies, which in turn prevent our bodies from getting the intended “nutrients” contained in the tablets. There seems to be a marketing battle about whether this MS is appropriate as a coating system for pills and/or tablets. Magnesium Stearate is a kind of salt that contains a fatty acid called stearic acid that can easily be found in cocoa and thus, can easily be found in chocolate bars. Natural sources of Stearic acid are readily available in fish, meat, eggs and dairy products.

Phenylethylamine HCL is found mostly in chocolate and research studies have found it to work as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system (CNS). That’s why it is used as stimulant and psychoactive drug. Phenylethylamine HCL is said to be metabolized very quickly by our organism imposing no harm to our CNS. Its benefits are quite debatable however, and its side effects include nausea, headaches, difficulty breathing, constipation, confusion, increase heart rate and dizziness.

How does ACE Works?

From our extensive research we could learn that ACE diet pills work as an appetite suppressant not very different from any other diet pills. The claim is that ACE weight loss pills contain natural ingredients. So, it controls your hanger while you continue to be energized throughout your day by way of the caffeine effects (the amount of caffeine contained in one capsule equals 1 cup of coffee).

The use of ACE weight loss pills to burn fat is under constant debate in many forums and websites around. Many people assert that they have lost a considerable amount of weight while under the ACE weight loss pills—somewhere from 15 to even 30 pounds a week. In the hypothetical case this is true, this is certainly within a dangerous zone. Losing weight as fast can lead to serious health problems.

Normally, many of us need a little kick to get started and that is why we get into diet pills. We have met with many who have tried several diet pills in the past just to find that their weight loss endeavors reverse as soon as they stop taking the pills. We have found that after many trials knowing what to eat is really what makes a difference. The Fat Loss Factor program (Learn about the Fat Loss Factor here) for instance, is not only a great way to get you started but it is also the long-term solution that does not require you to starve to lose weight. Dr. Charles Livingston and his team teaches you unusual weight loss strategies which ultimately gives you the power and knowledge you need to lose weight once and for all.

If, on the other hand, you are planning to try ACE weight loss pills* (Buy ACE from Amazon) make sure you stay within the limits of what is considered safe. If you begin losing way too much weight in a short period of time, you should stop taking the pills. Several side effects have been reported. The most common are dizziness, stomach aches and headaches as well as nausea especially if you are new to diet pills. So, if you feel any of these symptoms, this is most likely a sign that your body is not reacting well to it so you should simply stop taking them.
*Note: Some folks advice to take the pill on a lower doses instead (not 1 or 2/daily but 3 to 5/weekly with good results).

As always, if you have any health conditions, you should talk to your physician before trying the ACE product.


We believe that being successful at losing weight really entails a nutritional and well-balanced diet. In our experience, we can say that even if you lose weight by way of the ACE pills without the side effects, you still run the risk of gaining all the weight back and more once you stop taking the pills. So, think about what will your exercise and nutritional plan be after you try ACE diet pills. Remember, weight loss is about 80% a good diet. We encourage you to learn more about what you eat. Cooking your own meals is a great way to get started.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter whether ACE is made of natural ingredients or not, it still works as any other diet pill and you should proceed with caution. Each one of us is a unique individual and our bodies react differently to different stimulus. As such, there is no one single diet plan, program or pill that will help us overcome obesity. Fat loss requires a lot of dedication and determination to actually get where you want to be.
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